Looking into “The Void”

How fitting that I should finish my new music video “The Void” as I’m looking into a strangely changing career path.

Lets get the important thing out of the way first… I have a new music video out! “The Void” is from my 4th album A Different Kind Of Dream and a video I made myself (not unlike some of my previous videos like “Lights In The Sky” and “Dreams Like These”). What makes this one unique is I created it not out of public domain video footage (as I did those videos), but out of just 4 IMAGES from NASA’s public domain image collection. None of what you see in “The Void” is actual video footage. It is all actual images taken and made available by NASA of our universe. But then I took them and animated them, added all kinds of effects and blending and all kinds of other cool stuff to create something different and strange. It’s trippy. It’s so weird in fact that there are moments in the video that I don’t know how they happened. I just kept adding effects and transitions and layers (of the same images on top of themselves) until things happened and showed themselves to me. I think the resulting video is quite beautiful and strange and awesome. I hope you enjoy “The Void,” and if you like the track, make sure to check out A Different Kind Of Dream which is available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby and Spotify.

One last thing I wanted to mention about this video… I actually was originally working on a public domain footage based video for the track “Waterfalls In Reverse” from A Different Kind Of Dream. I put that video on hold for a few weeks… That turned into a few months… And a year… And really who knows if it will ever get done. I hope it does. But instead of going back to it, I just randomly decided to jump into doing “The Void” instead (it probably had something to do with the first ever picture of a black hole that motivated me to get this one done). Funny how things like that happen.

Now onto the void that is my career right now haha… No I don’t have anything to announce as far as a new album yet. I’m honestly not sure if I’ve worked on it at all since the last blog post. It is in the works, slowly but surely. But it’s been sitting in its current state for quite a while. All the compilations I’ve teased are also sitting, not being worked on. But they’ll all happen in good time. I just composed some music for a film. You should hear that soon. That’s the only film work I’ve done recently though… But I have a couple projects lined up… But really my Piecing It Together Podcast has taken over my life for the most part. That and The Pup Pups album which IS coming along amazingly and is almost done. It will be the next thing I release. It is not anything like the rest of the music I put out, but it’s awesome haha. Once that’s out I’ll probably finally get back to really working on some of this new music.

So that’s it… Check out “The Void” and please comment on it and share it with your friends! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading, listening, watching. More music IS coming… It just might be a while… If you don’t count the dog stuff I’m doing haha.

David Rosen is an award-winning music composer. He composes original music for films, commercials, jingles, video-games and all other kinds of media projects. He has a vast music library of original tracks available for licensing and is also available for custom compositions. Contact him on the ABOUT page for pricing and availability for your next project.


How is it possible that I never posted an actual blog post about my new music video “Artificial” being out? I tend to make myself way too busy nowadays and things like that just tend to happen but now it’s time to let you know that you can watch “Artificial” on my YouTube channel now! Or even right here…

Constellations 360

UPDATE (3/17/2017): Thank you for such an amazing show of support on this video! We are now over 5000 plays on YouTube alone and thousands of plays on the other services too! Truly amazing! I also wanted to add an updated list of all the sites you can currently watch Constellations 360 on:

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDR1a9RP6io
Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/208017882
Samsung VR – https://samsungvr.com/view/9SbbcjAMksj
LittlStar – https://littlstar.com/videos/7407bc1d
WeArVR – https://www.wearvr.com/apps/constellations-360-a-music-video
VeeR – http://veer.tv/videos/9734

I am so excited to share with you all my new music video, a trippy, psychedelic planetarium-style 360 VR Music Video for the song “Constellations” from my newest album Head Like Fire. You can check the video out currently on Facebook, Littl Star VR, Samsung VR or on Youtube. NOTE: It is meant for VR so for the best experience, check it out with a VR Headset, either a Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or any other headset that supports 360 videos… It also looks great on mobile in the 360 mode of any video app. Desktop looks cool too, but I definitely suggest VR or mobile for the best experience! And don’t forget if you’re new to this you can move the view all around in full 360 degrees! Stuff is happening at every angle, so be sure to either turn your body, tilt your phone, swipe around your phone screen with your finger, or click and drag around with your mouse!

“Constellations 360” was made by NewLine Videography and is the first of three videos I have planned with this awesome company. The idea was something that I came up with while working on the song. I could picture these constellations in a dark night sky dancing around, moving, morphing and building. The key part that got me to start seeking out a collaborator to help make this happen was the last 1/3rd of the video where the constellations begin to build star by star and then shift along with the hit of the snare drum. I had to see that vision in my head become a reality, and NewLine Videography captured it perfectly. They also came with their own set of ideas that helped flesh this thing out into a really awesome experience. I am really happy with job they did with this video, and I would definitely recommend you consider them for a video project, whether in 360 or traditional. You can check out their site at http://www.newlinevideography.com

I already showed off a demo of “Constellations 360” at this year’s Virtual Reality Festival as well as at a presentation I did for a couple classrooms at the Adelson Educational Campus. The reaction at both events were enough to let me know that we were on the right track in making something really cool and special. As I’m writing this I’ll also be showing it off at an Actor’s Networking Event this weekend in Las Vegas, and I’ve begun talks with many other organizations and event planners trying to get some more events lined up so I can continue demoing the video for people. I had such a great time demoing “An Unseen Sky VR” at events in 2015 & 2016, I am really excited to get back out there and show the video to more people. Virtual Reality has come a long way in the last couple years, but there are still so many people who have only tried it a couple times or never at all, so to be able to show them this awesome new technology is really cool.

I hope you enjoy “Constellations 360.” Please give it the thumbs up on Youtube & leave a comment. If you can share it… Even better. We can use all the help we can get on getting this thing seen. When “An Unseen Sky VR” came out it was the FIRST VR Music Video, but now there are 100s of them and more coming out every day, including ones from some of the biggest names in music. So it’ll take a lot to stand out. I have a feeling people are really going to enjoy this though. Thanks for watching.

– David

David Rosen is an award-winning music composer. He composes original music for films, commercials, jingles, video-games and all other kinds of media projects. He has a vast music library of original tracks available for licensing and is also available for custom compositions. Contact him on the ABOUT page for pricing and availability for your next project.

Q&A with Developer Elemental Spark

By now I’d like to think that all of you have checked out “An Unseen Sky: The VR Experience,” either in glorious, cutting-edge Virtual Reality or in the also awesome 360 Video version… Or at the very least in the 2d Youtube preview. Hopefully you also know that we won Best Animated Virtual Reality Music Video at the 2016 Virtual Reality Fest that took place during CES here in Las Vegas. And I also hope that when I say we, you know that I mean my multi-talented developer Elemental Spark (Michael Sullivan).

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