Here it is! PalinDRONE 360, the follow-up to “Constellations 360,” my hit collaboration with NewLine Videography is finally here! Get your Virtual Reality Headset and head to YouTube to watch it here:

We’ll also be rolling out to Samsung VR, Vimeo and a bunch of other VR sources soon, but wanted to hit YouTube first where we managed to get over 115,000 views with our last video, “Constellations 360.”

PalinDRONE 360 is the video for the song from my most recent album, A Different Kind Of Dream. In the video, you are in a mysterious tower-shaped room that begins to lose gravity. You and everything around you start to slowly float up towards the ceiling… Everything swirls and dances around you to the beat of the pulsating music, and as you start creeping closer and closer to the ceiling, you may start to realize that everything is moving in a palindrome like fashion… That is to say the be beginning of your path mirrors the end of the path. When you reach the ceiling, everything perfectly lands upside down on the ceiling. It’s trippy, it’s weird, it’s psychadelic, it’s dark, it’s beautiful. It’s everything I want my music videos to be, and NewLine Videography absolutely brought this idea to life.

As with “Constellations 360” and “An Unseen Sky VR” before it, I can’t stress enough how awesome the experience is in a good VR headset. You can definitely get a cool experience in just 360 on your desktop or smartphone, and also an even better one in a Google Cardboard or Samsung VR style setup… But the better quality the Virtual Reality device you’re viewing it on, the more of the detail and awesomeness of what’s happening in this video really shines.

We hope you enjoy “PalinDRONE 360” and leave comments on the YouTube video and SHARE IT. We hopefully have some great press lined up for this thing, but we really can’t match the success of our last video without YOUR support, so please make sure to watch it a bunch, share it, leave comments! We absolutely appreciate your support. I’ll hopefully do a little interview with Tyson of NewLine Videography soon, but just so you all know, these videos are part of what we’re planning on being a trilogy of videos. What will the next one be? Well you’ll just have to keep following along with my music to find out, but after two amazing collaborations, I’m sure the 3rd one will be amazing.

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