It’s a perfectly reasonable question. I’ve been teasing it for months now, and Another Sky is still not here!

Well I’ve got a perfectly reasonable reason… I got busy. Yea, it happens. But I’m in the middle of helping my parents move to a new house AND finishing my second feature film, “Sterling Silver,” directed by Brian K Palmer. So I’ve got my plate full…

However – Another Sky is sitting there at 90+% finished. I listen to it almost every day, and all I have left to do is touch up a couple things on two tracks and master it and then I can release the damn thing. It’s REALLY good. I promise. If you liked An Unseen Sky, you’re going to love it. If you haven’t already, you can hear a preview on my Soundcloud… Actually, why bother clicking on links and all that complicated stuff… Here is one of the tracks called “The Master” right here:

Actually, now that I think about it… How about I reveal the track list?

  1. The Garden
  2. The Black River
  3. A Place Where No One Goes
  4. The Golden Road
  5. Gravity
  6. The Master
  7. Gray
  8. Fading Memories
  9. The Other Side
  10. Dead Battery (Gary Goblins Remix) by The Gary Goblins
  11. Dreams Like These (Quoth’s Extended Nightmare Remix) by Quoth
  12. Every Little Bit (Hectic’s Basic Bitties Remix) by Lady Hectic
  13. Dead Battery (Sensory Integration Remix) by Ron Reirson
  14. Forgotten (I Almost Remember Remix) by David Rosen

So there you have it, 9 new songs and 5 awesome remixes and some beautiful cover art by Gina Mizzoni Photography. I promise it’s going to be worth the wait… And plus, it’s going to be FREE.

If you haven’t already, pick up An Unseen Sky on the limited edition CD format so that you’ll be first in line to get Another Sky for FREE when it’s released!

David Rosen is an award-winning music composer. He composes original music for films, commercials, jingles, video-games and all other kinds of media projects. He has a vast music library of original tracks available for licensing and is also available for custom compositions. Contact him on the ABOUT page for pricing and availability for your next project.