An Unseen Sky

  • Released: April 7, 2015
  • Format: Digital Download & Limited Edition CD
  • Produced by: David Rosen
UPDATE (10/1/2015): As previously announced, a collection of bonus tracks and remixes called Another Sky will be released during the month of October. Purchase the actual CD copy of An Unseen Sky from Bandcamp (see the link below) and you will automatically be registered to receive a FREE copy of Another Sky when it is released! There will be contests and other opportunities to get it for free in the future, but this is the first and quickest way to get the free bonus track and remix collection!


On An Unseen Sky, award-winning composer David Rosen showcases his range as an artist. With his previous album, Echoes In The Dark, he revealed his passion for dark electronica. This time around, Rosen’s crafted a cohesive collection that continues the dark theme, while expanding into bigger, heavier songs as well as lighter, ambient tracks.Composed with a variety of natural sounds, many more layers, and musical ideas that are far more organic, this new album surpasses its predecessor on the ambitious scale.

The overall genre remains electronica, but digs deeper into Rosen’s background in film scoring for the dramatic highs, as well as finding inspiration in his love of industrial rhythms. He even crosses over into alternative-rock in some sections of the album, giving the music an even fuller, more band-like sound.With An Unseen Sky, Rosen plans a plethora of exciting music video projects. Aside from the already released “Dreams Like These” and “Shadows On The Ceiling” videos, there’s also a Virtual Reality experience for the title track, one of the first of it’s kind. “An Unseen Sky: The VR Experience” enabes listeners to visit an amazingly realistic world that syncs with the song. More videos are also currently in the works. Once again, Rosen is collaborating with top independent filmmakers to create more music videos, set to be released in the year following the album’s arrival.

Music Videos

“Dreams Like These”

“An Unseen Sky (2D Preview)”

“An Unseen Sky: The VR Experience for Oculus Rift”

“An Unseen Sky: The VR Experience for Google Cardboard”

“Shadows on the Ceiling” (8 Official Selections, 1 Best Music Video Win, 1 Best Music Video Nomination)


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