Another Sky

  • Released: 10/27/2015
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Produced by: David Rosen

Another Sky is a collection of Bonus Tracks that were started during the production of An Unseen Sky, as well as Remixes of tracks from that album.


1. The Garden
2. The Black River
3. A Place Where No One Goes
4. The Golden Road
5. Gravity
6. The Master
7. Gray
8. Fading Memories
9. The Otherside
10. Dead Battery (Pasghetti Remix) by The Gary Goblins
– Find more about The Gary Goblins and his music at
11.Dreams Like These (Extended Nightmare Remix) by Quoth
–  Find more about Quoth and his music at
12. Every Little Bit (Basic Bitties Remix) by Lady Hectic
– Find more about Lady Hectic and her music at
13. Dead Battery (Sensory Integration Remix) by Ron Rierson
–  Find more about Ron Rierson and his music at
14. Forgotten (I Almost Remember Remix) by David Rosen

Album Cover Photo by Gina Mizzoni Photography


As I did previously with Further Into The Dark (which was a companion to my first album Echoes In The Dark), this is a collection of songs that were either not ready, didn’t work with the overall sound of the album, or simply didn’t fit the play order of An Unseen Sky. Along with those bonus tracks are 5 remixes, four of which are by amazing artists. I hope you check out their music in the links. They all did an amazing job. I also included a remix I did myself this time – my first time ever remixing myself. I think it came out really cool. As for the entire album… I love it. I’m so proud of this release. In some ways, I like it just as much if not better than some of the songs that actually made An Unseen Sky.

Another Sky will not be available for sale. At some point these tracks could end up on a compilation of bonus songs or remixes, but for now, this is a FREE release. However, I won’t be releasing it to the public for a while. For the time being, this will be a bonus for people that support my career in any of the ways mentioned in this blog post: Another Sky Is Here!

Thanks again for listening. I hope you enjoy listening to Another Sky as much as I enjoyed making it.



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