“If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” Film Festival Fundraiser

“If Only Tonight I Could Sleep”

Music Video Film Festival Fundraiser

Raised So Far: $1,151.00    FINISHED! THANK YOU!

  • If Only Tonight I Could Sleep Screen Capture
  • Behind The Scenes
  • If Only Tonight I Could Sleep Screen Capture
  • Behind The Scenes
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  • Behind The Scenes
  • Behind The Scenes
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What is it?:

A fundraiser for a project that will help raise awareness about alcoholism and recovery. More specifically, to acquire funds towards the cost of submitting my new music video, “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep,” to film festivals throughout the world.

Four minutes in length, this video tells the story of one woman’s transition from an intoxicated past to an ever uncertain future. “Beautiful,” “poignant” and “raw” are some of the words others have used to describe the video. It eloquently fits the tone of the song through honest and sometimes shocking imagery.

The video for “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” comes from my award-winning album Echoes In The Dark, and was brought to life by Las Vegas-based House of DON Productions. Through this project, we hope to open others to the realities of addiction by exposing it to various film festivals around the world. Alcoholism recovery is a battle that is not completely unlike others we all face. This is just one story, and one subject matter along an infinite spectrum of human afflictions. In it, humanity struggles, but together we can heal.


Aren’t Film Festivals for… Films?:

Well, that’s like asking, “Isn’t TV for TV shows?” Many film festivals have categories for all kinds of things, from Feature length and Short Films to TV pilots, Experimental Videos and, of course… Music Videos. As a matter of fact, one of my last videos, for the track “Lights In The Sky” (also from Echoes In The Dark), won Best Experimental Music Video at the 2013 Pollygrind Film Festival and Best Short at the 2013 Vegas IndieMeet. It was also accepted as an Official Selection in the 2013 Laughlin International Film Festival, the 2014 Berlin Independent Film Festival and the 2014 Byron Bay International Film Festival in Australia! So it’s absolutely worthwhile to submit this new video to film festivals around the world. Plus, “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” was made to feel like the narrative style music videos of the old MTV generation when they all had stories and awesome production values.


Why a Fundraiser?:

Because they’re huge right now! Between Kickstarter, IndieGogo and other smaller fundraising sites, everything from films & videogames to inventions & gadgets are getting made and promoted thanks to people’s help. I have already saved up enough money to do a nice sized Film Festival push for the video (which IS finished by the way), but with your help, we can reach a much wider audience, and possibly cover some travel costs to actually go to the festivals that accept the video. AND as an added bonus, my family’s record store, Wax Trax Records will be sponsoring this Fundraiser and will MATCH all the donations that are made. So if we manage to raise, say, $1000 (we can dream, right?), Wax Trax Records will match that for another $1000. That’s a lot of cash and will go a long way towards getting this video seen.


Why not Kickstarter or IndieGogo?:

The quick answer: We believe your donation should have the biggest impact possible.

The long answer: We would LOVE for this to go viral and attract thousands of donors, but that doesn’t seem realistic. Therefore, we feel it’s best to save the percentage cut and put it towards the campaign. Not to mention, I already know how to set this whole thing up myself. For that reason, it totally makes sense to do this independently with Paypal (which takes a much smaller cut than the big crowdfunding sites).


Who is involved with the video other than David Rosen?:

“If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” was filmed by House of DON Productions. It was written and directed, as well as produced by Douglas Farra. A ton of talented people worked on the video both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. They include Yevgeniy Zakharkin, Jeremy D. Brooks, Gabrielle Baltazar, Marisa Bergeron, RJ Beaman Jr., Tony Gonzalez, Maurice Hooks, Brian Palmer, Michael O’Neal, Tiffany Rose Thomas and in the lead role, Victoria Cameron.

The video’s IMDb page has the full list of people who worked on the film, so check it out!

Everyone did an amazing job and I couldn’t be more grateful that they helped bring this vision to life. It’s also really cool that I was able to work with all of these people again. I have composed music for several projects involving members of the crew including Douglas Farra’s web-series”Vitamin Z,” his award-winning short “A Moral Discord” and his upcoming feature, “Finding The Truth.” I also scored Jeremy Brooks’ short film “Jasper” which was just recently accepted into two film festivals.


I can’t contribute any money, how else can I help?:

Of course you can still help! We need to get the word out to people who might be able to contribute. So share the campaign and you’ll also get the Level 1 reward without spending a $1. Or spend the $1 AND share it. Share it a bunch of times! The more the merrier!


What if I already bought your album?:

“Echoes In the Dark” is available on iTunes and all the other big music sites… Maybe you already bought it on one of those, or you’d rather buy it through one of those services? It costs $9.99 on most of them, so if you already bought it or are going to buy it on one of them, leave a review, and share it on Facebook or Twitter… I’ll send you a direct free copy of the Remixes & B-Sides Bonus Album, Further Into The Dark, and give you the super in demand social thank you! It all goes towards the same goal anyway!


What’s in it for me?:

Here comes the good part, the perks (wait I probably shouldn’t call them that since that’s what they’re called on the other fundraising sites… how about the stuff… yea, I like that) STUFF! The Stuff is stuff you get for donating money to this campaign. Here are the different levels of Stuff you can get.

Level 1: $1A thank you from David on your Social Network of Choice & on the Credits section of the “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” Video Page.

Level 2: $5A digital download of Echoes In The Dark, along with a surprise bonus track only available thru this fundraiser, and the thank you!

Level 3: $10A limited edition CD copy of Echoes In The Dark & the previously for Pre-Orders Only Remixes & B-Sides Bonus Download, Further Into The Dark and all the other Stuff in Level 1 & 2.

Level 4: $25A special Thank You in the form of your own credit on our “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” IMDb page, and all the other Stuff in Level 1, 2 & 3.

Level 5: $30A digital download of my next album (think of it as a super in-advance pre-order!) and all the other Stuff in Level 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Level 6: $50I will submit “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” to a Film Festival of YOUR choice. If it gets in and if I can manage to travel to the festival, I will meet up with you before/after the screening. Also, all the other Stuff in Level 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Level 7: $100I will compose a song FOR YOU! You will get to give me some keywords and ideas of what you want the song to sound like and I’ll try to compose something for you. Like your own personal theme song!* Also, all the other Stuff in Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Level 8: $150 & Up – All of the above stuff AND I will get in touch to see what else I can do for you… Because honestly… You rule.


How To Contribute:

If you would like to contribute you can send your donations via PayPal here:


Donate Button with Credit Cards


Just fill in the amount of money that corresponds to the Stuff you want (for example: if you want the Echoes In The Dark CD with the Further Into The Dark Bonus Download, enter $10). You can always donate more than necessary for the Stuff you want… if you want… I won’t complain…

As with everything else, you can keep track of updates about the campaign on my Facebook page and Twitter. I’ll also be occasionally posting updates in the Blog here on www.bydavidrosen.com. A lot of really talented people worked on this video and I want to get it seen by as many people as possible. So please help me get it out there and thank you so much for checking out this campaign. Share Share Share!!!


This Fundraiser is Sponsored by

Wax Trax Records

Check out Wax Trax on Facebook or come down to the store at 2909 S. Decatur Blvd. (between Sahara and Desert Inn) and say hi to David and Rich. Three floors of vinyl, music memorabilia, CDs, cassettes and more. Send Rich your want lists at waxtraxlv@gmail.com. And remember, Rich buys records, CDs and memorabilia and pays the highest prices in town! $1 and up! No collection is too big. Give him a call at 702-362-4300.



 UPDATE 1 (5/30/14)

Since I’ve started the fundraiser a lot of people have asked me the same question… “When can we see the video?”

The answer is soon! We just want to hold it back for a little while longer while getting some of these film festival submissions going. It’s ideal for a video or film to have not “premiered” yet before being submitted. But we’ll be posting the video publicly soon.

I also have a really exciting announcement to make in this update… Our first festival acceptance! “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” is an Official Selection in the REEL Recovery Film Festival (a perfect fit considering the subject matter of the video)! The fest travels the country, and we’re working on getting it into some of the other editions too, but it will definitely be screening in Las Vegas in September.

Thanks to everyone who has shared and supported the fundraiser so far!


UPDATE 2 (6/17/14)

UPDATE 3 (7/19/14)





* Custom instrumental song created from reward Level 4 will be the property of David Rosen. The buyer will get an MP3 downloadable copy of the song.