Further Into The Dark

  • Released: 2014
  • Format: Digital Download Only
  • Produced by: David Rosen

UPDATE 8/4/2015: I’ve decided to release Further Into The Dark on Bandcamp! Still for FREE (although the option is there to pay for it too, if you wanted to). Check it out!

1. Escape
2. Neon Halo
3. Forgotten World
4. Am I?
5. Moving Backwards
6. On The Outside
7. The New World
8. Where Shadows Go
9. Broken Circuits (Bent & Glitched Remix) by Elemental Spark
– Find more about Elemental Spark and his music at elementalspark.com
10. Bandwidth (Black Camaricans Remix) by Brian Garth
– Find more about Brian Garth and his music at chromewerewolfstudio.bandcamp.com
11. 1000 Years (Feral Remix) by Shawn Lee Farrell
– Find more about Shawn Lee Farrell and his music at soundtraxxmusic.com
12. Broken Circuits (FUBAR Nation Remix) by MC Randumb
– Find more about MC Randumb and his music at reverbnation.com/mcrandumb


This collection of bonus tracks was created during the writing process of the Echoes In The Dark album. A lot of time and effort went into making that album as perfect as it could be, and that included the play order of the tracks, the length of the album, and making sure that every song felt 100% finished and necessary for making a cohesive listening experience. These 8 extra tracks were cut. I can tell you that the two hardest cuts for me, personally, were “Escape” and “Moving Backwards,” but the cuts I felt were necessary and I knew that I’d eventually be releasing this collection of songs. I’m extremely proud of these songs and very happy to be able to share them. Along with the bonus songs are 4 remixes by musicians that I am friends with. Please be sure to click the links above to check out their music as they’re all amazing musicians in their own right. Getting to hear remixes of my songs was one of the coolest, most interesting experiences of my career.


Further Into The Dark will not be available for sale. At some point these tracks could end up on a compilation of Bonus Songs, but for now, these tracks will only be available to people who:

a) Pre-ordered the album
b) Purchased the Physical CD Version of the album (If you did and you haven’t gotten your download link for Further Into The Dark contact me at david@bydavidrosen.com)
c) Participated in the “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” Fundraiser
d) Won it in one of the many contests I will be running

Consider it my first rarity in a long career of albums and rarities.



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