It’s the Halloween season and while I can’t quite promise a new horror release every year… Whenver possible I’m gonna do it, and this week saw the release of my latest horror film score Blind Malice!

Blind Malice is the story of a woman who is stalked by a blind serial killer. It’s a very over-the-top, throw-back, kinda campy horror thriller (I’d love to watch this one with an audience) from writer/director Christopher Johnson who I’ve collaborated with on many films in the past. The album Beater (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) was a compilation of collaborations with Chris, as was the recently released Patreon-exclusive album Jacqueline (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

Even though Blind Malice is just a short film (which you’ll be able to see soon and I’ll update this post once it’s released), the score felt different and unique enough, especially in the way I play with interlocking themes for its main characters, that I decided it needed to be its own album release. I think it features some of my strongest work as a composer and it’s a really fun one to play loud to get in that Halloween spirit (and there’s more than a little John Carpenter influence with what I was trying to do with this score).

The album is out now everywhere you can listen to music. Check out the main album release page for links. Also, this Friday, October 13th (Friday the 13th!) at 8pm PST I’ll be premiering the music video for “Blind Malice Theme” during my friend’s The HaM Show Livestream. Click the thumbnail below to make sure you don’t miss the video’s premiere!

Now that Blind Malice is out, I’ll be preparing my 2024 music releases… There’s a LOT of really awesome music on the way, so as always, thanks for listening and stay tuned for some great new stuff in the new year.

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