Released October 6, 2021

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Blind Malice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1. Blind Open (02:52)
2. I Know What I Saw (04:08)
3. Let The Right One In (02:35)
4. Fear What Can’t See You (02:02)
5. She’s Coming 2 (03:21)
6. Cat and Mouse (11:02)
7. Never Saw It Coming (03:16)
8. Blind Malice Theme (03:54)
9. Blind Open (Alternate Take) (02:49)
10. Jacqueline Theme (Bonus Track) (05:35)


Release TEN420


Blind Malice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Blind Malice is a horror short from writer/director Christopher Johnson who David Rosen collaborated with on many previous films including Beater (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Rosen’s first officially released film score album. In Blind Malice, a woman is stalked by a blind serial killer. It’s an over-the-top, throw-back horror thriller and gave Rosen a chance to go big. The film also was a perfect opportunity to play with specific character themes that intersect, making it a score that felt worth releasing as its own album release, even though it’s only a short.


Blind Malice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) also comes on the heels of the Jacqueline (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), another horror collaboration with Christopher Johnson. That score is available only as a Patreon-exclusive on the Produced by David Rosen Patreon page. The film, Jacqueline is available now to watch on Tubi!


Director – Christopher Johnson
Writer – Christopher Johnson

Starring: Donna T. Thomas, Nefti Boyer, Skyler Larkyn, Frankie Quinones

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