You may recall me talking about Bus Party To Hell (or as it was formerly known, Party Bus To Hell) before. Well it’s out now and I wanted to dedicate a blog post to this crazy, wild new movie from the Mahal Brothers.

I worked with Sonny & Michael Mahal before on their previous film, Last Day Of School (which I did the theme song for). So I was excited when they asked me to come back and do another theme song, this time for a blood soaked romp filled with demons and boobs and all the things I love about grind house movies. And now, the movie is out, nationally on most VOD services! A partial list is at the bottom of this post.

It’s also getting a limited run in some theaters around the country, so be sure to check your theater listings this weekend, but if you can’t catch one of those few screenings (I know I unfortunately won’t be able to, although I did attend the premiere last October here in Las Vegas), at least you’ll be able to see it online, and on the upcoming June Blu-Ray release.

The film also used my tracks “Burnout” (from Head Like Fire) and “Scarecrow” (from …Like Ashes) in really huge key scenes in the film, so that was awesome too. But right here you can check out the theme song, “Party Bus To Hell” which is a FREE download on my Soundcloud page.


Also, as I previously mentioned, I started a podcast called Piecing It Together where I take a look at a new movie and try, with the help of a co-host, to figure out what other movies it was inspired by. Well on the newest episode of Piecing It Together, me and Chad Clinton Freeman of the Pollygrind Film Festival take a look at Bus Party To Hell! It’s a really fun episode and you can check it out below:


It’s really awesome to see this movie come out. Make no mistake, it’s not a movie for everyone. You should already be able to tell what you’re getting into if you’ve read this post, watched the trailer and heard the podcast… But if that sounds like something for you, this feature film is definitely a wild ride and a great moment in my career.

You can find Bus Party To Hell on the following VOD services (and many, many more).

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