… Like Ashes

  • Released: March 14th, 2017
  • Format: Digital Only

… Like Ashes is a collection of Bonus Tracks that were started during the production of Head Like Fire, as well as Remixes of tracks from that album. For info on how to get … Like Ashes for FREE, check out this blog post: https://www.bydavidrosen.com/2017/03/13/like-ashes-is-here/

  1. Journey
  2. Sage
  3. Clearview
  4. Home
  5. The Land Of Nothing
  6. Crystalize
  7. The Precipice
  8. Scarecrow
  9. Burnout (Hide & Seek Remix) by MT/MZ
    – Find more about MT/MZ and their music at http://www.facebook.com/mtmzmusic 
  10. Angel (Back to Back Remix) by Adrian Star
    – Find more about Adrian Star and his music at http://www.adrianstar.com
  11. Constellations (Star Map Remix) by DJ Day Won
    – Find more about DJ Day Won and his music at http://soundcloud.com/djdaywon
  12. Under The Dust (Deep Breath Remix) by Mike Kelleher
    – Find more about Mike Kelleher and his music at http://www.composermike.com
  13. Impossible (Final Attempt Remix) by David Rosen

Like Another Sky and Further Into The Dark before it, this is a collection of songs that were either not ready, didn’t work with the overall sound of Head Like Fire, or didn’t quite fit the play order of the album. Along with the bonus tracks are remixes, four of which were created by some amazing artists. I hope you check out their music in the links. They all did an amazing job. I also included a remix I did myself.

In a lot of ways, I like this collection of songs more than anything I’ve ever released. The time I took by leaving some of them unfinished and then returning to them later really allowed me to experiment and try new things that resulted in some of the coolest music I’ve ever made.

… Like Ashes will never be available for sale. It will always be a FREE release. At first it is being released as a bonus for people who pre-ordered Head Like Fire and people who bought the limited-edition CD copy of it. Then it will be available as a prize for various contests, and eventually it will be on Bandcamp as a FREE release (the option is there to pay money if you want to, and I certainly won’t turn away your donations haha). There’s always the possibility that I may include some of these songs on an actually released compilation of extra songs, but … Like Ashes as it stands will always be free.

Thanks again for listening. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I enjoyed making them. This may be my last release of new material for a little while as I’m going to be taking some time to release some stuff from my archives, work on films, and take a little break. But Album #4 is absolutely bouncing around my mind all the time and it will happen sooner or later.


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