I know what you’re thinking… “David, you started a podcast instead of getting the new album out?!” Well I have one question for you… How did you know before I told you that this post was going to be about my new podcast?

ANYWAY… I wanted to post a quick little blog post about my new project, Piecing It Together. It is my new movie podcast where I’ll be discussing movies with various co-hosts and also giving little previews of new music I’m working on. So if you dig my music, you’ll want to listen. And if you dig movies, you’ll want to listen.

And if you like me, then PLEASE go subscribe in the Podcast App of your choice, and if that app happens to be iTunes, RATE & REVIEW the show! It helps! And it costs you nothing but a few little seconds of your time.

You can listen to the show and/or click through to subscribe on your Podcast App of choice at


You can also follow the show on Twitter and Instagram ( both are @PiecingPod )

I’ll be previewing a song off the upcoming album on this weekend’s upcoming mini-episode, so make sure you subscribe to the show so you can hear the new track!

And don’t worry, news is coming soon about my new music video “Artificial” which has already gotten into FIVE film festivals, my next VR Music Video, and my new album(s). Really soon!

David Rosen is an award-winning music composer. He composes original music for films, commercials, jingles, video-games and all other kinds of media projects. He has a vast music library of original tracks available for licensing and is also available for custom compositions. Contact him on the ABOUT page for pricing and availability for your next project.