So now that we checked out the bonus tracks from Another Sky, it’s time to talk about the remixes. You already downloaded this free album (didn’t you?), and I gave a nice intro on the last blog so this time, lets just jump right in.

1) “Dead Battery (Pasghetti Remix)” by The Gary Goblins – I’ve been friends with Gary Goblins since high school. As a matter of fact (and I’ve covered this before on this blog), he’s a big part of the reason I got interested in the possibility of making music. So it’s awesome to see that he’s making music now too (seriously click the link because his stuff is awesome), and especially awesome to be able to get him to do a remix on this album. “Dead Battery” was a slow, dark, evil sounding track on An Unseen Sky, but he took the main elements of the song and added some industrial dance drums and other sounds that turn it into a messed up cowboy disco (for lack of a better description haha). In other words… It’s exactly what I’d hope for in a remix from The Gary Goblins. By the way, he just dropped a new album, Elf Is About To Die for FREE, and it’s awesome. Definitely check it out!

2) “Dreams Like These (Extended Nightmare Remix)” by Quoth – Quoth and Lady Hectic are friends of Gary Goblins who I haven’t met yet, but make some great music and I was excited to get them on board to do remixes. Quoth’s remix takes one of my favorite tracks from An Unseen Sky, strips it down, extends it (quite a bit haha), and transforms it into a dark, beautiful groove. In a way that I probably would never do with one of my main songs, he lets each section breathe, showing off that hey, I made some pretty cool melodies when creating this song. It’s an awesome remix.

3) “Every Little Bit (Basic Bitties Remix)” by Lady Hectic – Following up Quoth’s remix, Lady Hectic also pushed the length limits with her remix of my song “Every Little Bit.” Her remix is exactly what I imagine when I think of a remix… A different arrangement that highlights what made the original great, while turning it into something different… And usually longer haha (but in a good way!) And loooove the way the drums come in in this remixed version… LOVE it.

4) “Dead Battery (Sensory Integration Remix)” by Ron Rierson – Ron is in an awesome band called Angular Gyrus that I got to see during the 2014 Pollygrind Film Festival. He also does all kinds of other music stuff and I thought he’d be perfect for doing a remix of my music. I was blown away by what he created. He took “Dead Battery,” and just built upon it and built upon it more until it almost literally explodes. He also added some vocals which was great… I eventually would like to do music with vocals at some point (probably not me singing, but I’ll collaborate with someone), and this was a great little preview of what that could be like. Awesome work. He also made a cool video slide-slow to go along with his remix.

5) “Forgotten (I Almost Remember Remix)” by David Rosen – I didn’t do a remix myself on Further Into The Dark (it honestly never even crossed my mind for some reason), but this time around, I wanted to challenge myself. To be honest, I think I killed it. The original version of “Forgotten” is SO different. There’s a little shimmering guitar riff that comes in towards the end, and I decided to take that and make it the main focus of this remix and build around it from there. I made a track that’s recognizable but very different. This really got me to thinking about possibly doing a full album of remixes one day in the future. It could definitely happen…

And that brings this two-part blog to a close. It also brings the chapter of my life that is An Unseen Sky and Another Sky to a close. Maybe not completely, as there may still be a music video or two coming from these albums, but this is 2016, and I am absolutely ready to get started on the next albums. I’ve started on some new music already, and I can’t wait to see where this new stuff goes. Thanks so much for listening and for all of your support.

David Rosen is an award-winning music composer. He composes original music for films, commercials, jingles, video-games and all other kinds of media projects. He has a vast music library of original tracks available for licensing and is also available for custom compositions. Contact him on the ABOUT page for pricing and availability for your next project.