Released May 18th, 2018

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A Different Kind Of Dream

1.  The Void 04:20
2. Hero 03:35
3. A Different Kind Of Dream 03:00
4. Invisible 03:38
5. Regenerate 03:07
6. Searching Further 03:39
7. Waterfalls In Reverse 03:59
8. Enemy 02:58
9. Ascend 03:03
10. Palindrone 03:04

A Different Kind Of Dream

A journey into the sounds of David Rosen’s dreams featuring tracks that evoke different experiences rather than just songs filling up an album. After three full length albums and three companion releases of B-Sides & Remixes, Rosen felt it was time to change up his release strategy. For the longest time he thought it was necessary to follow the path of his heroes, releasing full length albums, a few years apart, with long promotional periods. But as the music business and world around him changed, he decided it was time for a change. The truth is in the numbers.

Even at the upper levels of the music business, albums just aren’t as popular as they used to be. And people don’t listen to albums. They like singles, smaller EP length collections, surprise releases and playlists. David Rosen carefully looked at where the trends were going and decided to make his own way with a combination of all of the above, kicking it off with the one-off single “Secrets.”

Now, with the release of this 10-track album, A Different Kind Of Dream, there’s no telling what he might do next. Another single? Another 10-song collection? A longer album? A shorter one? A playlist sent out into the world as its own stand-alone release? Anything is possible. And it’s not just the strategies that have changed. While David Rosen has always made music that has blended film score with electronica, industrial and alternative styles, his music is now reaching further into every direction.

No longer constrained by the album format, the dream now is to release great music. Great Songs. Great experiences. And how they make it to the listeners’ ears will be largely up to them. But to be sure, David Rosen’s dream of building a full length discography of great music hasn’t ended… it’s just now a different kind of dream. 

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