It’s that time again… New blog time.

Let me start off by saying thank you to everyone who has been watching “PalinDRONE 360.” The video is doing awesome on all the different VR Video sites, and I’m excited to continue pushing it throughout the year. Also, we just released a lightened version because people without the full VR headset equipment have said that it’s too dark just watching it on their phone. They’re right, but in VR you get the full experience, so since we can’t adjust it from device to device, we decided the best option was to have a lightened alternate version which you can view on YouTube or here:

Now usually I try to space my music video releases out further, but it just so happens that my other video that I’ve been teasing for a while, “Artificial,” is almost here. It’s been done for months but I’ve been waiting to release it until after “PalinDRONE” (as well as until after some of the film festivals that we submitted to finished with their announcements), and that time is coming up THIS MONTH. I’ll be attending a screening of “Artificial” at the FilmQuest Film Festival on September 15th, and then I plan on releasing the video the following Friday, September 21st. The video has already done so great, getting into 10 film festivals, winning awards. I’m so proud of this video and can’t wait for you all to see it. Ben Yonker and his team put together such an amazing video based on an idea I wrote while making the song. It’s truly one of my favorite things I’ve ever put out.

Now if you’ve read this far, you’re one of the people who really cares about my career and the music I make, so I want to tell you what’s going on with me and my music for the rest of the year. I know that when I released A Different Kind Of Dream I said that I’d be releasing a ton of new music. And then I even gave an update to that new music in my last blog post. But I still have done next to nothing with my music since then. The truth is, my podcast, Piecing It Together has taken on the biggest priority for me right now… It was just supposed to be a side thing, but I really enjoy doing it and for the time being it will continue to be my main thing. And right behind that, I’m actually having a lot of fun making a new comedy-rap album (the stuff that I try not to talk about much here on this website haha). And along with both of those projects, I’ve been absolutely PLAGUED by computer issues this year. So much so that I’m actually currently planning on building a PC from scratch for the first time since college. It’s just problem after problem with my recent custom made PC (only 4 years old!) and I think it’s time to get these things under control… However, there’s a very real possibility that I’m going to lose access to some of the other music I had started this past year when switching to the new computer. Yes, I’ll be releasing the “Artificial (Extended Video Mix)” along with the music video. And I should be releasing another single that’s already finished a couple months after that. But there’s a lot of music that’s probably going to get lost in the process. I’ll salvage what I can. But honestly, with all the other stuff I’m working on… I kind of don’t care about losing that music. I still have demo versions of it all in MP3 format that I could potentially put up as a free bonus album one day or something, so it’s not totally lost… Just may not be possible to finish. If so… Whatever. I’m sure there’s more music in my head that will get made eventually. But this long rambling stream-of-conscience end to this blog post is just my way of telling you, the people who care about my music, that my year of lots of music releases probably isn’t happening. Maybe I’ll go back to a regular album in a year or two. Maybe I’ll go back to this plan of lots of small releases next year. Maybe even in a few months! Haha. Who the hell knows. But right now I have a computer to build, a ridiculous comedy-rap album to finish, and a podcast to make (and lots of movies to watch while doing it!). And I’m happy with all of that, so hey, it’s all good.

As always, thanks so much for listening to my music. I hope you’ve been enjoying A Different Kind Of Dream which honestly, despite low sales, has been BY FAR the most streamed album of my career. Now that I think of it, that was kind of the plan hahaha… But it’s just hard to know who is out there when I don’t see specific names of people buying it. But according to Spotify my monthly listeners has jumped like 400% so people are really listening and that makes me happy. Hope you’re enjoying it, whoever you are. I’ll have “Artificial” ready for you later this month and then we’ll see where we go from there.

– David

David Rosen is an award-winning music composer. He composes original music for films, commercials, jingles, video-games and all other kinds of media projects. He has a vast music library of original tracks available for licensing and is also available for custom compositions. Contact him on the ABOUT page for pricing and availability for your next project.