I am so excited to be writing this post. My second album, An Unseen Sky will be finished in the next week. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the mastering and artwork for the past couple weeks, and it is just about done. How is this one different from Echoes In The Dark, my last album? Quite a few ways…

I’ll be writing more blog posts leading up to the release to talk about my thoughts on the songs and ideas that make up An Unseen Sky. What I can tell you right now, is that I think this album is bigger, more dynamic and more of a beautiful collection of music. I use a lot more lush instrumentation, combined with the electronic stuff, to give this an even more film score kind of feeling, and even cross over into straight up alternative music in places. Don’t get me wrong… I loved all the John Carpenter comparisons I got with Echoes In The Dark, and actually have an idea for another album in the future that goes even further in that direction… But this time around I have definitely gone into new territory. There are darker songs, lighter songs, louder songs, softer songs. It’s really something awesome, and I’m so proud of it. I really hope you all like it too.

With that said, you’re probably wondering… When is it coming out? Well I haven’t quite decided on the release date yet… That’s on my to-do list this week. I have to decide when the album is coming out and when the new music video, for the song “Shadows On The Ceiling” (which was directed by the awesome A.R. Kagan), will come out as well. I’m most likely going to release it in March, but I don’t want to just pick some arbitrary date. I’m trying to plan out everything as much as possible.

An Unseen Sky is going to have a long, awesome life and promotion schedule. I have another video planned with Doug Farra (who directed “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep”), and some other video projects in the works too with other directors. I’m hoping to have at least 5 from this album. And if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check out the first video from the album, for the song “Dreams Like These.”

By the way,  speaking of “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep,” we are a Crossroads Nominee and Official Selection of the 2015 RXSm Self Medicated Film Expo in Austin, Texas, which happens independently of, but during South By Southwest. I will be in attendance, and am really looking forward to getting back to Austin (it’s been years) and seeing some great films and meeting people.

So that’s it for now. When the album is 100% finished (I’d expect by this time next week), I will post a new blog post with the track list and some more details about the album and its release.

Thanks for reading.

– David