I was originally going to post this last year when it all actually happened back in August, but not only did I get busy with all the other stuff I’m constantly doing, but I had to wait for all 3 of these films to hit the internet because what good would a blog about me doing three 48 Hour Film Projects in one year be without the proof!?

But yes, last year I agreed to do not one, not two, but THREE 48 Hour Film Projects. It was already a crazy July/August, working on Another Skybut as always I figured “hey, why not load up with three films that need to be finished within 48 hours?” Actually, more like 12 hours, since that’s normally when you get the edited film ready for music. So how did they go? I’ll  take you through all 3 of them:

1) “The Attic” by House of DON Productions

(Note: This one can’t be embedded so you have to click the link to watch it at https://vimeo.com/134218304)

Directed by my frequent collaborator Doug Farra (you may know him as the director of “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep“), this one was the first of the bunch and was made for the Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project. I actually helped out on the set too and got my first Craft Services credit haha. It was a fun night filming at the vintage downtown clothing shop, The Attic. The film came out funny and weird. It went over great at the screening. We got it in late unfortunately, so we weren’t up for any potential awards, but it was still a fun project to be a part of, and it’s a fun one to watch.

2) “Second Chances” by Jump Cuts Productions

This one was directed by Ben Yonker from Indiana, who I worked with last year on his previous 48 Hour Film Project entry “Dig.” It was fun to get to work with Ben and his team again. This one came out really cool, and I loved how they managed to do a one-take film in a 48 Hour time-frame. It’s really quite an accomplishment. I think my score worked really well with it too.

3) “Fireworks” by Storymore Films

Last but not least, “Fireworks” was directed by Mike Bisceglia, who I hadn’t previously worked with before.  It was great getting a chance to work with him and his team (and two of the people involved, actress Ashley Campbell and sound-guy/everything-guy Bobby Briggs also worked on “The Attic”). This one was made by Las Vegas people but for the Los Angeles edition of the 48 Hour Film Project. It’s a really funny one, and I got to show off my singing abilities with it haha. It’s like an old 80s sitcom, and that’s me singing the cheesy theme song. I think I sound pretty great, don’t you?

So THAT was a fun month. I’ve been joking that this year I should do a 48 Hour Film for every city. I’m up for it. But lets just leave it at me saying I’m up for it and not actually do it…. Because that would be freaking ridiculous… But it could be fun…

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