Released October 27th, 2015

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Another Sky

1. The Garden 03:16
2. The Black River 03:12
3. A Place Where No One Goes 03:38
4. The Golden Road 03:12
5. Gravity 03:42
6. The Master 03:19
7. Gray 02:52
8. Fading Memories 02:28
9. The Otherside 04:56
10. Dead Battery (Pasghetti Remix) by The Gary Goblins 03:26
11. Dreams Like These (Extended Nightmare Remix) by Quoth  08:34
12. Every Little Bit (Basic Bitties Remix) by Lady Hectic 07:35
13. Dead Battery (Sensory Integration Remix) by Ron Rierson 03:46
14. Forgotten (I Almost Remember Remix) by David Rosen 03:49
15. Forgotten (Left In Space Remix) by OMYK 04:22

Another Sky is a collection of Bonus Tracks that were started during the production of An Unseen Sky, as well as Remixes of tracks from that album.

These tracks were either not finished, didn’t have the same overall style, or simply didn’t fit on An Unseen Sky. They are, however, in my opinion just as good if not better than some of the songs that made that album. The remixes are also awesome, and the remixers did an amazing job. I encourage you to all checkout their original music as well.

This is a FREE companion album to An Unseen Sky. I will never charge for this album, however, if you’d like to pay, you can always add a payment. I’m more interested in you all getting this music to listen to and enjoy. Thank you for the support.


All Music by David Rosen except additional instrumentation, mixing and arranging on the remixes by The Gary Goblins, Quoth, Lady Hectic, Ron Rierson and OMYK:

10. Dead Battery (Pasghetti Remix) by The Gary Goblins
– Find more about The Gary Goblins and his music at
11.Dreams Like These (Extended Nightmare Remix) by Quoth
– Find more about Quoth and his music at
12. Every Little Bit (Basic Bitties Remix) by Lady Hectic
– Find more about Lady Hectic and her music at
13. Dead Battery (Sensory Integration Remix) by Ron Rierson
– Find more about Ron Rierson and his music at
15. Forgotten (Lost In Space Remix) by OMYK
— Find more about OMYK and MazeTools at

Album Cover Photo by Gina Mizzoni Photography
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