Remember when it took me 15 years to make the first The Pup Pups album, Who Wants Din-Din? Well I started the second album Variety Snaps in January and it’s done already. And you can pre-order it now!

Before I share the links for pre-ordering, maybe I should back up and explain to anyone who missed The Pup Pups the first time around what this ridiculous project is. The only thing I love more than music is my pets, and for 15 years, since my pets were puppies and kitties, I was making up silly, ridiculous songs about them. Harvey and Sadie (and the cats) inspired all kinds of goofy songs in a vareity of styles from rock & roll to punk rock to folk music, and I started trying to record them in between all my more serious music projects… Only problem is, I’m not great at guitar and couldn’t figure out how to get the melodies in my head down into an actual recording.

In the time it took to finally make Who Wants Din-Din?, we lost our beloved Sadie Pup, but with Harvey getting older, and more songs popping into my head, I finally finished up the album last year and released it. The whole album of songs about walks and snacks and tennis balls and socks is a goof, but go figure it was kind of more popular than my real music. That album was supposed to be it for The Pup Pups even though I had a few leftover ideas I didn’t get to, but in January 2024, I started recording two songs, the ode to Harvey’s continued health at the ripe old age of 16 with “He’s Doing Great” and The Pup Pups’ Halloween extravaganza, “Little Bad Wolf.” These two songs came out almost immediately and were just amazing.

The Pup Pups – Variety Snaps Tracklist

So I started working on some of the other ideas, and all the sudden more songs came to me. I thought maybe I’d finish it in time for Harvey’s 17th birthday in November… Even though nothing is promised with a senior dog. But as I started working on more songs, they all came out immediately, and perfectly. Inspiration is a weird thing… You just never know what’s gonna happen when you sit down with a pen and paper and a guitar. By the end of January twelve songs were basically done. By the first week of February the other two were basically done. And now, rather than wait with a finished album of silly songs for some arbitrary date in the future… Why not just release this thing on National Pet Day, April 11th, 2024?!


As with the last album, there is a pre-order bonus where you can get your pet’s name in a special extended bonus song that will close out the album. From today until February 29th, any pre-orders of the new album Variety Snaps will qualify your pet’s name (one name per pre-order). Feel free to order extra copies of the CD as gifts if you’d like to add more than one pet’s name.

  • You can pre-order Variety Snaps at Bandcamp (make sure to choose the limited edition CD). It’s $10 + $3 shipping in the US. There’s a multi copy shipping discount and I think it’s set up for out of the country shipping too. I don’t know. I can’t keep track.
  • You can also contact me if you’d like to order directly with Paypal/Venmo/Zelle/Cash. You can probably figure out a way to get ahold of me if that’s how you want to do it. Text, call, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter. Get in touch. I’ll get you set up.
  • ALSO: If you don’t have Who Wants Din-Din? yet and want to order BOTH CDs (I still have very limited stock left on the first CD). Contact me directly and I will package deal them for you. Unfortunately Bandcamp doesn’t provide me the option to make that happen but if you buy directly from me I can give you a discount on both together!
The Pup Pups - Variety Snaps

Along with this pre-order announcement, I’m also sharing the first music video from the album, for the power ballad “Mona Lisa Smile” about our cat Neoguri. She’s such a pretty lady.

There will be another music video soon for the track “Barko!” and hey, who knows… Maybe more. Will this album be the final The Pup Pups release? Honestly who knows. I never expected a second album to begin with. But as of now Harvey is still doing great, even with all his health conditions, so never say never!

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