So here’s something cool I’ve been working on for a while… I contributed a cover of The Cure’s “The Hanging Garden” to a cover album called “Pictures Of You: A Compilation of Covers of Songs by The Cure” that will be out Friday August 4th. I’ve obviously mentioned 1000 times in the past how influenced me and my music are by The Cure, but I’ve never done a straight up cover song before. The opportunity to pick any song from their vast catalog led me to the idea to make a more dreamy version of “The Hanging Garden” from their album Pornography that gives way to an upbeat second half. I’m really happy with it and may eventually release it as a single as well.

Read the full details of the compilation whose profits all go to the Mind Mental Health Charity below:

Today, we announce details of Pictures of You: A compilation of covers of songs by The Cure in aid of MIND. Inspired by our ten days of the Cure back in February we put the call out for cover versions and the response was overwhelming.

Pre-orders are now open on Bandcamp today, Friday the 7th of July on the anniversary of The Cure’s first ever gig. Those who pre-order for £5 will receive, Hamish Brown & Andrew Eaton-Lewis‘s take on ‘Let’s Go To Bed’ a mischievous synth pop stomper with a nods to Depeche Mode and Human League , Julianne Regan’s haunting version of ‘The Drowning Man’, Iceblynk‘s glorious tumbling gaze pop rework of ‘The Exploding boy’ and Welsh band Lunar Bird‘s dreamy redrawing of ‘Fascination Street’, ahead of the full release on Friday 4th of August. All profits from the release will go to the Mind mental health charity.

It’s an incredibly eclectic selection of covers of songs by The Cure that takes in straight ahead takes, synth pop reinterpretations, EDM reimaginings, grunge rock reworks, post-punk noise and haunting dream pop takes, with just the right amount of weirdness along the way. It’s all done with affection for one of Britain’s best bands!

It follows the release of our R.E.M. covers compilation on Bandcamp raising £5000 for Help Musicians in 2021, winning the endorsement of the band in the process and last year’s Kylie Minogue compilation that made over £1000 in aid of Macmillan Cancer charity,

Thank you to all of the bands, artists and labels involved. Plus Kevin Alvir for the fantastic cover artwork.

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  • INVESTIGATOR- Just like Heaven
  • Hamish Brown & Andrew Eaton Lewis – Let’s Go To Bed
  • Julianne Regan – The Drowning Man
  • Iceblynk – The Exploding Boy
  • Lunar Bird – Fascination Street 
  • Lille Venn – In-between Days 
  • Parenthesis Dot Dot Dot – Push Wynona Beach
  •  Wynona Bleach – Why Can’t I Be You?
  • PA/ST – Strange Day 
  • Body in the Thames – Close To Me 
  • Untitled art – Disintegration 
  • Shadow Forest – A Forest
  • CJ-MT – Pictures of You
  • Sean Buckley  – Just like The Cure
  • Kids love surf – Just Like Heaven
  • The Heart Attack – Acks – All I Want
  • Tom Emlyn – Fascination Street
  • Eureka California – The Caterpillar
  • Broken Bear – Let’s Go To Bed
  • birddog – Catch 
  • Bye Gemini – Burn
  • The Lowest Bitter – Six Different Ways
  • The Silence Kit – Winter
  • Katie Lass – In-between days 
  • Dark Kards – Grinding Halt
  • Pocket Lint – The Kiss
  • Mute Branches – A Strange Day 
  • Hens Bens – Bananafishbones
  • dunkie – In Your House
  • Rob Britton – Friday I’m In love
  • You the living – One Hundred Years 
  • Idiac featuring Sarah Quirke – A Man Inside My Mouth
  • Sonny Black y Hecho – Shake Dog Shake 
  • Good grief – In-between days
  • David Rosen – The Hanging Garden
  • CJ-MT – Six Different Ways
  • Small Miracles – In-between Days
  • Us Frail Gods – All Cats Are Grey 
  • Danswell and the symptoms – Burn 
  • Kid Tigrrr – To Wish Impossible Things
  • Gronk – Kyoto song 

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