You’re all ready for The Pup Pups’ long in the works debut album Who Wants Din-Din? but you’re wondering to yourself “Hey… What, and more importantly, WHO are these songs about?” Well this blog post is gonna tell you (as will the Piecing It Together Podcast special episode that’s a commentary track of the whole album that greatly expands upon this blog post that will be out on Friday)!

Before we get to the songs I do want to let you know really quickly about a few The Pup Pups related things

  • Beer’d Al Podcast Interview: I just did a fun interview with the Beer’d Al Podcast about The Pup Pups. Weird Al, Beer, Dogs and Cats… What better way is there to kick off the promotion of the album? I’ve got a few more podcast apperances related to The Pup Pups lined up, and hey… If you’re reading this and want to cover the album, get in touch!
  • Listenening Party: On Thursday, June 29th, at 7pm PST, we’ll be having a listening party where you can listen to the whole album Who Wants Din-Din? LIVE the day before it hits streaming with me and Harvey and whichever cats bramble their way into the room. RSVP today and join us live where there will also be a chat where we can all talk about the album and our pets!
  • Release Date: The album hits streaming on Friday, June 30th. It’ll be on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and all the major streaming services. The limited edition CDs that lots of you pre-ordered are on the way but the production was delayed a little bit. Hopefully just a week, but as soon as they come in I’ll get them all shipped out!
  • Patreon: You can actually hear the aforementioned The Pup Pups Who Wants Din-Din? Album Commentary track early over on our Produced by David Rosen Patreon along with other great content from me, as well as my podcasts Piecing It Together and Awesome Movie Year. Check out the album early and stay tuned for another album (a soundtrack) I’m releasing exclusively to the Patreon in July!

1. Give Me Back That Toy Again
We kick the album off with an upbeat garage rock song sung by Harvey about how he loves to tear and destroy all his toys. But as we learn on the song… He might not be the culprit…

2. Another Me
The Sadie Pup sings this sweet, silly song about her love of socks and reminds us about what’s most important in life.

3. I’m In Trouble
The Sadie Pup was constantly getting in trouble. She loved to “risk it all” to do bad stuff like grabbing people’s food and doing any and everything she was told not to do. This rocker is all about getting in trouble.

4. Walka Walka
A duet between Harvey and me singing about the joys of going on a walk.

5. Little Dog
A campfire sing-along about kicking butt. Kicking butt is what I do to dogs. I kick their butts.

6. Muffin Maker
This bluesy rock song is about our orange tabby cat Lily Bear who was the world’s best muffin maker.

7. Sink Cat
This catchy, upbeat straight-forward rocker is about Trudy… A cat that loves to sit in the sink.

8. Jingle Jangle
When Millie was a baby kitten she was driving us crazy because we could never find her, so we put a collar on her… That collar jingle jangled. That kitten and that collar they go…

9. Headbutts (New Cat)
A song about the newest addition to our family, Neoguri. She’s a nice lady. This is a sweet pop song for her.

10. Fenix
The album’s lone ballad, a song about our first cat Fenix and how he was always whining about his food bowl not being completely full. I’m sure you cat owners can all relate.

11. Wet Dog
This is just a upbeat rocker about the days when we used to take the dogs to my parent’s old house with their big swimming pool and their 5 dogs and it was just puppy pandemonium as they all just ran around going crazy and swimming and playing.

12. Big Dog 2
Harvey gets another song on this album as he sings this upbeat, kinda funky rock song about how even though he’s got a little body, he’s a big dog at heart.

13. Slip & Splat
This ridiculous kinda ska/punk/rockabilly song is about Millie who loves to run and jump on the upstairs second floor railing, giving us all heart attacks. We really hope that she never slips and splats.

14. Big Bright Eyez
One of the original The Pup Pups songs, a very odd, slightly deranged rock song sung in a kind of Dylanish drawl about Harvey’s beautiful, buggy eyed face.

15. Covered In Blankets
Another The Pup Pups classic, this folk song is all about covering Harvey and Sadie in blankets. And that’s all it’s about.

16. Charley-O
A last minute addition to the album is a doo-wop song about my parent’s dogs Charley, Baby, Lulu, Shelby and Jones… AND Vodka, Apollo, Koda, Bobo, Scruffy and Meaty. Did I mention they’ve had a lot of dogs?

17. The Hungry Pups (Bonus Track)
The first The Pup Pups song, from back in my comedy rap days… A weird, sorta rap, sorta I dont know what song about how we’re such bad pet parents that don’t remember to feed our poor pup pups (obviously not true… they’re lying). The first time Harvey, Sadie, Fenix and Lily’s voices made it on a song.

18. Sadie Pup / Kick That Butt Megamix (Bonus Track)
Before The Pup Pups was a thing, I made these two really crappy techno songs for Sadie and she LOVED them. She’d go absolutely nuts whenever I played them, so I had to include them as a bonus track.

19. Covered In Blankets (Extended Acoustic Version)
The pre-order bonus for everyone who pre-ordered the limited edition CD of Who Wants Din-Din? is a ridiculously long, extended live version of Covered In Blankets featuring all of our wonderful supporter’s pets… Being covered in blankets.

And that’s the album! More on The Pup Pups on the way and I can’t wait to finally share the album with you this week!

David Rosen is an award-winning music composer. He composes original music for films, commercials, jingles, video-games and all other kinds of media projects. He has a vast music library of original tracks available for licensing and is also available for custom compositions. Contact him on the ABOUT page for pricing and availability for your next project.