As many of you know, The Cure is my favorite band. Always has been and always will be. Their music is a huge part of my life, and a huge influence on my own music.

Robert Smith is 57 now (and to be honest, until I wrote this sentence I thought he was older than that, so I’m glad to know that he should still be around a while haha). From 1979’s Three Imaginary Boys (the year before I was born) right up until 2008’s 4:13 Dream, The Cure’s sound has evolved in ways that somehow manage to be exactly what my brain was formed wanting to hear. While my favorite album of all time is their Disintegration, everything they’ve done has had a meaningful effect on me and some of my favorite songs come from each of the albums in their long discography.

I had seen them 4 times up until this point. The first time wasn’t until 2000 because the opportunity never arose when I lived back in Pennsylvania, but the first time they came to Las Vegas after I moved here, I was there. I saw them again at Coachella in 2004. After their most recent album, 4:13 Dream came out, I saw them twice – once in LA in 2008 and then back in Las Vegas in 2009. It’s been 7 long years since then, but this past week I got to add two more amazing shows to my list.


Their 2006 World Tour predictably was selling out in seconds in each city that it went on sale in, so when I got shut out of Las Vegas tickets, I decided to be at my computer right at 10am when they went on sale to try to score Los Angeles tickets to see them at the Hollywood Bowl. Sure enough, I got LA tickets, but not Las Vegas. But then when the week of The Cure’s Las Vegas show at the Chelsea inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel came up (there’s a lot of C-words in that sentence), I couldn’t help myself and bought an overpriced scalped ticket. I’m glad I did, because at the Las Vegas show, I was able to get right up close in a way I hadn’t been since the first time I saw them back in 2000. Don’t get me wrong, the Hollywood Bowl show was awesome too, but even with buying the tickets the second they went on sale, we were back what seemed like 100s of rows from the stage. Whatever, it was still amazing.

What makes this tour especially awesome, and the reason really that I’m writing this blog, is the deep history of songs they’re going back and playing. Aside from a couple of new cuts (both of which are excellent and I can’t wait for the new album to come… hopefully this decade), The Cure isn’t really promoting an album currently, so they took this tour as an opportunity to just dig into their long song list, pulling out tracks they hadn’t played in decades… some that they hadn’t played EVER. Of course they played the hits and crowd-favorites too, but this tour is really something special for fans like me who have trouble making even a 30 song playlist of favorites.


The Cure at The Chelsea inside The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on Thursday, May 19th, 2016

And that all brings me to the real point of this blog… To show off a list I made of ALL the songs they played between the two shows I saw. This list isn’t necessarily in order, and it doesn’t include songs they played at both shows. This way it’s just a full list of all the songs they played… All 43 of them… That’s right… FORTY THREE songs between two, two and a half hour shows. Here’s the list:

  1. Open

  2. High

  3. Pictures of You

  4. This Twilight Garden

  5. A Night Like This

  6. Lovesong

  7. A Letter to Elise

  8. Last Dance

  9. Fascination Street

  10. The Hungry Ghost

  11. Screw

  12. Lullaby

  13. The Caterpillar

  14. Exploding Boy

  15. In Between Days

  16. Just Like Heaven

  17. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

  18. Want

  19. End

  20. It Can Never Be The Same

  21. The Snakepit

  22. Shake Dog Shake

  23. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

  24. A Forest

  25. Step Into the Light

  26. Never Enough

  27. Burn

  28. Wrong Number

  29. Hot Hot Hot

  30. Let’s Go to Bed

  31. Close to Me

  32. Why Can’t I Be You?

  33. Boys Don’t Cry

  34. Plainsong

  35. Closedown

  36. Sleep When I’m Dead

  37. The Walk

  38. Push

  39. 2 Late

  40. Disintegration

  41. Give Me It

  42. The Lovecats

  43. Freakshow


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Wow. Just looking back at it, it’s really amazing. I’m so lucky to have gotten to go to these shows and hear these songs live.

So now that that’s over, it’s time for me to get back to work on my own music and Album #3.

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