I am so excited today to finally bring to you the first of three interactive music videos created by my good friend and frequent collaborator Ryan Daugherty (aka Sharmandra)! Hopefully if you’re a regular visitor of my site you know about my first 2 videos off theĀ Echoes In The Dark album: the multi-award-winning “Lights In The Sky” and its follow-up “Whirlwind.” Well joining them now in the VIDEOS section of my site is the interactive video for “Reveal” which you can also access by clicking the image below. Playing with the video is as simple as clicking the mouse, moving the mouse and clicking some more. Play around and experiment to see how your actions affect what you see. Some of the things that happen are predetermined and happen no matter what you do, but the rest of it is determined by your actions, and everything blends together into a trippy, awesome interactive experience. These videos were an idea I had since before the album was complete and Sharmandra really brought them to life. So please check them out, SHARE THEM, and let us know how you like them! Also, please note that they are intended to be played on a computer with a mouse but will also work on a laptop, but not on smartphones/tablets… Maybe in the future!

"Reveal" Interactive Music Video











Following “Reveal” in the next 2 weeks will be two more interactive videos for the tracks “Embers” and “Dark Rain,” both from theĀ Echoes In The Dark album which is available from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and everywhere else (for a full list, check out the ALBUMS section).

In 2014 I’ll be following these up with the next full music video which is for “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” and then… Well, who knows what happens next, but you know you can check back here to find out.

– David