Echoes In The Dark… I’ve been waiting a long time to write this blog post… After 15 years of making music for everything from films to commercials to one-off for-hire projects to my many comedy-rap albums (which we don’t talk about much on this site for good reasons, haha), I finally have a complete album of instrumental music that represents me as an artist.

Echoes In The Dark is the title of the album and it features 16 of the best pieces of music I’ve ever made. It really came together better than I could have imagined. I set out with the intention of pulling together some of my favorite tracks, which I’d then build up into full songs. The result would be a little compilation disc. While I accomplished this goal, something else happened in the process. I felt like my abilities increased ten-fold.

What began as merely a collection of tracks quickly grew into something more. During the process, I found myself enjoying my very own music as much – and, in some cases, more – than the artists, groups and songs that influenced me in the first place. The sounds and tones echoing through the tracks reminded me of the things I loved about music. I got goosebumps the same way I did the first time I heard some of my favorite albums and songs. I won’t dig into specific examples in this post, but I plan on writing little blog posts about my most influential bands, artists and songs in the future. You’ll likely recognize the correlation when you read them.

The tracklist for Echoes In The Dark is as follows:

1. Dark Rain
2. Echoes
3. The Necessary Steps
4. Inside Of Us All
5. Embers
6. 1000 Years
7. If Only Tonight I Could Sleep
8. Takeover
9. Reveal
10. Lights In The Sky
11. Bandwidth
12. Frozen
13. Broken Circuits
14. Centipede
15. Whirlwind
16. The Dark

There are two album covers – on the left is the version for the Limited Edition CD copy of the album, and on the right is the digital download version.

David Rosen - Echoes In The Dark (Front Cover)     David Rosen - Echoes In The Dark (Digital Cover)

A lot is planned for this album – videos, extra downloads, remixes and plenty more. My posts will increase in the coming weeks to coincide with the release. When all is said and done, it’ll be time for me to focus back on mostly composing and my music library. However, these next couple months will be exciting!

Starting it off, I’ll be posting the award-winning video for “Lights In The Sky.” Stay tuned for that next week… (The more I watch it, the more I love it. Hopefully, you’ll all love it, too.)

I’m getting very antsy, as I can’t wait to share Echoes In The Dark with all of you. It’s a long time coming and the wait is almost over… The official release date is Tuesday, September 3, 2013. That date puts me right up against Nine Inch Nails’ comeback album. How fitting… Bring it on, Trent (haha).

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