July. Oh July. You are proving to be a busy one.

Not counting all my non-music adventures (and there are plenty of them), this is shaping up to be a crazy month. That is absolutely good news though and I’m not complaining!

Aside from just finishing up on a funny little composing job (can’t wait for you all to hear it, it came out great), I’m also working on another one, a web series, finishing up 2 videos for my upcoming album… And speaking of my album… MY ALBUM!

Yea the album is like… 95+% done. I mean I basically just need to say to myself “Stop Dave. It’s done.” and then master it. The artwork is even pretty close to done. If all goes well, I’d like to have it completely finished by August 1st. If I can do that, I’m gonna be really happy with myself, and I think I can do it.

Also I don’t think I talked about this in any of my previous blog posts, but last month I was a speaker at the Camera 2 Camera Expo¬†which was a cool experience. I spoke about why music helps grab the attention of an audience and the ways you can go about getting music for your project, presentation, film, or whatever it is you’re doing/creating. Of course coming to me for music is always a great option… but there’s plenty of other ways to get the right music for your project.

Anyway, yes. Album, almost there! Multiple jobs to work on at the same time, so it’s gonna be a busy one, but we’ll get through it!

If you haven’t listened to the last few tracks including “On The Outside” and “To The Sky” check out the music player on the homepage or on Reverbnation.

– David