So this past weekend in Las Vegas was Mike & Sheila Conway’s Vegas IndieMeet. It was a great time, met some really cool filmmakers, hung out with some filmmaker friends, saw some great films, and oh yea, won best 3 minute and under short for my often-teased about “Lights In The Sky” music video! I know a lot of you have told me you love that track, and the new, updated version from my album is even better than ever, and the video is coming out really cool. I still want to put a few finishing touches before I put it online for the rest of you, but the ¬†audience at IndieMeet seemed to really like it.

Today, I leave for E3! I’ll be in LA all week, playing new video games, networking, meeting up with old friends, and bitching about traffic & parking. It’s my first time attending an E3 convention in I believe 7 years (the year that the Nintendo Wii was unveiled) so I’m sure this will be a great experience. I’ll be networking and finding music work, as well as promoting the company I’m there to represent, Ballistic Studios and their game Infantry Warfighter. Check the link for some cool music I made for them. The game is still in production but I’ll be doing all the music for it.

When I get back, I have a couple jobs lined up, and then I’ll get that “Lights In The Sky” video finished up and posted (the featured image in this post is a still-frame from the video… in case you didn’t figure that out already). Then I will get the album finished! Here we go!

– David