Quick little update for all of you out there reading this stuff…

I posted a new track on my page called “Treasure” over the weekend. It’s the first piece of music I’ve done all year that isn’t meant specifically for my album or for a project I’m working on. A “just because” track if you will. And I love it, I hope you’ll enjoy it too. I called it a “demo” in the description, but that’s just because as I’m going over and finishing all these songs for my album, I’m realizing that they’re all kind of “demos” until I actually finish them. So if you don’t see the word “demo” on one of my older tracks, just remember, it’s probably a demo… Because when I finish it I’ll probably end up adding more and doing all kinds of stuff to it. Or at least making it sound even better. I can’t help myself.

And speaking of my album… I’m half way done with mixing all the songs. Somehow I ended up with 24 tracks instead of 22, but I’m still aiming to pick the best 15 and save the rest for bonus tracks on my site. Or maybe 16, or 17… We’ll see. I’m getting back to mixing more of these songs today and as soon as I get done mixing them all, then I gotta go back over them one more time to make sure I’m 100% happy with how they all sound (and if not gotta go back and fix them up some more). I already know that I have a couple things to fix in “Dark Rain” and “Frozen” … Did I just give away the names of two of the songs you haven’t heard yet? Spoiler alert! Damn… Maybe I’ll post the tracklist in my next update… That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Well aside from the album, which I’m really hoping to release in June, I’m working on some really exciting stuff. Some promotional things FOR the album, 3 really cool games, another short… And I should be getting copies of some of the shorts I recently worked on soon and hopefully I can share them with you guys. I’ll also start cutting a new reel really soon.

That’s it for now. If you haven’t listened to “Treasure” yet, give it a listen and let me know what you think. I always love your comments.

– David