Alright so my girlfriend is trying to push me to start posting blogs on here. I told her that I know and I plan on starting to post blogs in the near future, but that I’m just too busy with various projects right now (including 2 animated shorts, 2 games, and my instrumental album, as well as a couple other things… but that’s another story for later). Well she’s still going on about it so you know what, here’s a damn blog post!

I’m going to be posting about all kinds of things on this blog. Not just news about my music and projects, but also about things that interest me. I’m planning on writing a series of tributes to classic albums that influenced my music tastes and styles, Top 10 lists of my favorite stuff, updates on what I’ve been watching/playing/listening to, stuff about my various non-music related adventures and various other topics too. Maybe even more posts about how my girlfriend won’t stop bothering me to update my blog…

You can see her website at by the way. She’s my official photographer, and you’ll hear a piece of my music on her homepage. She does great photography work AND is a wonderful writer. She’s also a great girlfriend. I hope she likes this blog post.

On that note I think I’m gonna see Zero Dark Thirty today… Then back to work on these project I’m composing music for… Then probably a whole bunch of sleep. Yea… That sounds pretty awesome.

Oh one more thing… Go Puppy Bowl!!!

– David Rosen