Released December 30, 2022

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1. MORE (3:10)
2. Warrior (3:34)
3. Boiling Point (3:23)
4. Trapped In The Beat (4:03)
5. Touched (3:40)
6. Secret Places (3:08)
7. How To Start A Fire (3:49)
8. Inspiration (3:27)
9. Ascending (3:59)
10. Antiviral (3:19)
11. Power (3:54)
12. Everything & Nothing (2:55)
13. Horizon Lines (3:27)
14. Distance (3:26)
15. Blacklight (3:18)
16. Signals (3:45)

Release TEN418


More Content Album Cover

After his 5th full length album David Rosen and the soundtrack release The Dissection Table (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), David Rosen is back with his 6th full length album, MORE CONTENT. Equal parts his most progressive and heavy album as it is his most upbeat and commercial release, the album continues a trajectory of sounds he was building on the self-titled release. Expanding his sonic palette with more natural guitar and percussion sounds as well as more electronics and vocal samples, MORE CONTENT is not just a play on the content era and the idea that this collection of sixteen tracks is nothing but more content for you to listen to, but a description of the complexity of the contents inside.

From the album’s lead single, the synth heavy “Antiviral,” to heavily guitar based tracks like “Signals” and “Blacklight,” these tracks build and evolve in ways that could only have happened at this point in Rosen’s career. While it’s certainly his most upbeat album to date, more ambient pieces like “Ascending” and “Secret Places” still showcase the lush, film score inspired sounds that Rosen also loves to create.

 Album Cover Photo by Gina Mizzoni Photography

The album cover continues on the tongue in cheek nature of the album title MORE CONTENT by including an 8×8 64 video grid of all films that David Rosen composed music for over the years. Like his own personal streaming service enveloping him in content. Even with 64 films, this grid doesn’t include everything he’s worked on, and not even every one of his music videos is accounted for! Obviously he’s worked on a lot of content with a lot of amazing collaborators. He will be making all of the film titles below linked to their respective films, so make sure to check out the work of these amazing filmmakers (and sorry for not asking permission… and sorry for referring to your hard work as content).


Accused (Dir. Marko Sakren)
Affirmations (Dir. Michael Evans)
Better Criminal (Dir. Ben Burke)
Burn (Dir. Zak Muller)
Dark Lights (Dir. Deborah Richards)
Dig (Dir. Ben Yonker)
Fear (Dir. David Rosen)
Five Golden Rings (Dir. Mike Lenzini)
Happy Tomato Day (Dir. Ben Yonker)
I Did (Dir. Chase Caldwell)
Inexistent (Dir. Benny Flames)
Jungle (Dir. David Rosen)
Leehto (Dir Jonathan Richter)
Love, Mom (Dir. Ben Yonker)
Numbers (Dir. David Rosen)
Paper Boys (Dir. David Michor)
Regret (Dir. David Rosen)
Roach (Dir. Alex Colonna)
So Close and So Far (Dir. Jason Harris)
Stranded (Dir. Tristan Ward)
The Hoarder (Dir. David Michor)
The Nun (Dir. David Rosen)
The Othersidez (Dir. Tara Banocci)
The Slaughtering Grounds (Dir. Dane Keil)
Time Loop (Dir. David Rosen)
To Cherish The Time (Dir. Chris Johnson)

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