Released September 3rd, 2013

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Echoes In The Dark

1. Dark Rain 03:51
2. Echoes 03:51
3. The Necessary Steps 04:39
4. Inside Of Us All 03:05
5. Embers 04:12
6. 1000 Years 03:49
7. If Only Tonight I Could Sleep 03:52
8. Takeover 03:14
9. Reveal 03:14
10. Lights In The Sky 03:16
11. Bandwidth 03:57
12. Frozen 04:02
13. Broken Circuits 03:07
14. Centipede 03:33
15. Whirlwind 03:09
16. The Dark 04:35

A long time in the making, Echoes In The Dark is the debut album by Las Vegas-based composer David Rosen. After years of award-winning side projects and collaborations with film makers, producers and other musicians, Rosen has finally released his first collection of solo work – an industrial-new age fusion of pure sound.

Echoes In The Dark takes the listener to an enigmatic place, where dark melodies and driving beats pulsate together in perfect unity. Featuring a mix of electronic and organic elements, the album is a unique compilation by an artist who brings the shadowy side of music to life. Through this album, you’ll feel the passion that made Rosen want to compose in the first place.

Revolving rhythms… moody soundscapes… unforgettable tones – this is what award-winning music sounds like. Are you ready?

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