Released July 20th, 2017

Available Now Exclusively on Bandcamp:

… Like Ashes

1. Journey 03:42
2. Sage 03:27
3. Clear View 03:23
4. Home 03:24
5. The Land of Nothing 03:05
6. Crystalize 03:32
7. The Precipice 03:25
8. Scarecrow 03:05
9. Burnout (Hide & Seek Remix) by Mt/Mz 03:57
10. Angel (Back to Back Remix) by Adrian Star 03:18
11. Constellations (Star Map Remix) by DJ Day Won 04:44
12. Under The Dust (Deep Breath Remix) by Mike Kelleher 06:14
13. Impossible (Final Attempt Remix) by David Rosen 03:37

... Like Ashes

… Like Ashes is a collection of Bonus Tracks that were started during the production of Head Like Fire, as well as Remixes of tracks from that album.

These tracks were either not finished, didn’t have the same overall style, or simply didn’t fit on Head Like Fire. I feel that now that I’ve taken the time to finish them and collect them into this compilation, some of these tracks are as good if not better than the stuff that made it onto Head Like Fire, and I’m extremely proud of this new music. I also am very excited about the remixes that were done by some incredibly talented musicians. I hope you all check out their original music as well. You can find links in the individual track descriptions of their remixes.

This album is FREE to all. Yes you can fill in a price if you want (I won’t stop you) but feel free to download it for free and enjoy it.


All Music by David Rosen except additional instrumentation, mixing and arranging on the remixes by Mt/Mz, Adrian Star, DJ Day Won and Mike Kelleher.

09. Burnout (Hide & Seek Remix) by Mt/Mz
– Find out more about Mt/Mz at
10. Angel (Back to Back Remix) by Adrian Star
– Find out more about Adrian Star at
11. Constellations (Star Map Remix) by DJ Day Won
– Find out more about DJ Day Won at
12. Under The Dust (Deep Breath Remix) by Mike Kelleher
– Find out more about Mike Kelleher at

Album Cover Photo by Gina Mizzoni Photography
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