Burn (Released January 12, 2024)

A woman navigates the world’s rises and falls throughout time in this animated music video from award-winning composer David Rosen. Originally concieved as a music video for the song “1000 Years” from his debut album Echoes In The Dark, the concept was repurposed for the song “Burn” in 2019, but the song itself didn’t fit on David’s upcoming album, the self-titled 2020 release David Rosen. The song stayed on the back burner through his next release More Content but now fits pefectly into his 24 for 2024 series.

With 24 for 2024, David is releasing 24 singles in the year 2024, a mix of unreleased, unfinished and other music that just hasn’t had a home in the last 6 years. Every first and third Friday of each month in 2024 will see a new single, and “Burn” is the second one of the 24 song series.

Directed by David Rosen.
Animation by Zak Muller.

For the full 24 song series playlist, check out https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4PD… You can also find all 24 songs on all streaming services as they are released throughout 2024.

Check out the full album MORE CONTENT on streaming and limited edition CD.