If Only Tonight I Could Sleep (Released September 22nd, 2014)


The Official Music Video for “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” from the Award-Winning Album Echoes In The Dark by David Rosen.

Directed by Douglas Farra for House of DON Productions

What does addiction sound like? The answer: ‘If Only Tonight I Could Sleep.’ This is the story of one day in the life of a recovering alcoholic, as she struggles to transition from an intoxicated past to an uncertain future. why does it matter? Because through empathy and understanding, healing is possible.

This video comes from the album Echoes In the Dark by award-winning film music composer David Rosen and was brought to life by Las Vegas-based House of DON Productions. Through this project, we hope to open others to the realities of addiction by exposing it to various film festivals around the world. Alcoholism recovery is a battle that is not completely unlike others we all face. This is just one story, and one subject matter along an infinite spectrum of human afflictions. In it, humanity struggles. Together, we can heal.

WINNER Best Music Video of the 2014 Pollygrind Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2014 REEL Recovery Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2015 DAM Short Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2015 Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2015 Music Malt Film Festival


Special Thanks To The People Who Helped Support This Video:

Sunny Rosen
Rich Rosen
Nick Huock
Eryn Korby
Mitch Pergola
David Quinones
Branden Powers
Wendy Rountree
Virginia Grobon
Ryan Kinder
TJ Kross
Rory Johnston
Kenneth Harman
Marilyn Weinmann
Fred Shakeshaft
David Sanchez
Angie Negrete-Markle
Chad Clinton Freeman
Gina Mizzoni
Corey Taylor
Ted Edward Payson
Alycia Gold / Brian Palmer
Michael Sullivan
Yevgeniy Zakharkin
David Liznia
Ginnetta Correli
Duane Wik
Desiree Wolfe

And in case you were wondering… Yes, the title is an homage to The Cure.