Released December 6th, 2016

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Head Like Fire

1. Impossible 04:17
2. Angel 03:10
3. Made Of Stone 03:51
4. Under The Dust 03:53
5. Trying Again 04:19
6. Devil 03:40
7. Constellations 03:57
8. Artificial 03:37
9. Head On Fire 03:53
10. Butterfly 03:13
11. Burnout 02:39
12. Out Of Everything 02:55
13. Negative 03:17
14. Free Fall 02:54
15. Only In Dreams 03:41
16. Back Into The Dark 03:57

A Different Kind Of Dream

From the ashes of many genre influences rises the most complex, varied and intentional work of this ever-evolving music composer. Setting ablaze all that once was as well as many new elements, this explosive collection is sure to be his biggest yet.

Shortly after the completion of his second album, An Unseen Sky, award-winning Composer David Rosen felt like there were many directions he could go with his music. He could go back to a much more electronica sound like his first album Echoes In The Dark, or go to a new mostly guitar based sound like his alternative favorites. Or maybe make a more upbeat album or perhaps even something completely ambient… There were so many ideas all fighting to be the chosen direction. That turmoil is the meaning of the title, Head Like Fire.

In the end, David Rosen picked his favorite solution… All of the above! On Head Like Fire, he goes bigger and more bombastic, as well as deeper and more ambient. The songs get heavier and wilder, and they are more complex and varied. A medley of heart and soul, igniting together elements of many genre influences to create a transformative collection of instrumental music.

Take the first two releases from the album. “Burnout” was selected for a compilation CD sponsored by Zia Record Exchange, and the song is a huge, industrial explosion of energy. The first music video from the album, for the song “Butterfly,” (which is now Rosen’s most viewed video to date) is a piece of haunting, beautiful ambient music.

With Head Like Fire, Rosen gets to do it all and dig deeper into his influences and dreams. This is an album in which he gets to show off who he is as a musician and make the music he’s always wanted to hear. After a string of award-winning music videos spawned from his last two albums, he has videos planned with multiple directors from across the country to complement this release.

Head Like Fire is a collection of everything that David Rosen thought his next album could be. Now that the ideas are fully realized and finally on record, it’s time for him to move forward and for all of you to listen to it as loud as possible.

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