April 5th Update

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post. It’s a good thing making regular blog posts wasn’t a New Years Resolution or something or I’d be screwed.

Anyway, I’m not gonna get into the personal stuff on here (not in this post anyway), but I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know how the album is coming along. It’s coming along. Awesomely. I am so freaking happy with it. I’ve mixed down 10 songs out of 22 that I’m picking from for the album. I’ll probably end up cutting the final album tracklist down to 15/16 tracks and keep the rest for bonus tracks for the website or possibly a future companion mini-album/EP.  Not sure yet. What I am sure of is that these songs are sounding AMAZING. I’m waiting to do the final mastering on them until they’re all edited and mixed, but already the quality of these tracks is beyond what you’ve ever heard on my page, and for the tracks that make the album that you’ve heard before (“Inside Of Us All,” “1000 Years,” and “Broken Circuits” are definitely tracks you can look forward to hearing on the album), they’re going to sound almost completely new. Well they’re still the same songs of course, but they are mixed, edited, updated, and just over-all so much better than before. And the ones you haven’t heard… You’re all in for a treat… Some of these I almost can’t believe I really made haha. That’s a good sign.

I’ll be unveiling the album title and cover as soon as the songs are done. I’m also working on some other stuff to go along with the album including videos and other cool things. I’m really putting my everything into this album. If I’m known for one thing, this is what it should be. I”m really proud of it.

Well, back to work. Talk to you all soon.

– David

March 9th Update

Today is March 9th. What makes this day special? Well it’s my anniversary with my wonderful girlfriend (and official photographer) Gina Mizzoni. Happy Anniversary bear-head!

And on top of that I figured it’s a great day for me to give you a little update on what I’m working on. I’m slacking on the blog posts I know. But I have a bunch of them started, just not finished. So you better savor this time of being able to just kick back and listen to the tunes because you’re gonna be reading a whole bunch in the coming months. Get those eyeballs ready…

But for now, an update on my projects… What’s new with me? Well first of all, I have an album cover for my debut album! Not ready to reveal it (and the title) yet, but I’m REALLY happy with how it came out and I can’t wait to share it with you. SOON. I promise. As for the album itself, I think I’m pretty much there as far as the music is concerned. I have over 20 tracks started for it (probably closer to 30 to be honest) and I’m just deciding on what the best 15 are and I gotta then go back to all of them and edit, adjust, mess with, fix-up, tweak, play with, destroy, fix again, build up, and make sure I’m happy with them all. I’m going to start this weekend on trying to narrow down which ones to start doing all that fun stuff to. I think I have the track list pretty solid in my head.

I’m also about to finish up the 3rd short film I’ve scored this year. It’s really awesome how busy I’ve been this year. I’m hoping these shorts will be up online soon so I can share them with you all. The first 2 came out amazing, and so far so good with this 3rd. I really feel like I keep progressing every year with my skills and abilities.

On top of the films, I’m also currently scoring three games. Three shorts and three games. Pretty damn cool… The games are coming along great. They take longer than the films, so I wouldn’t expect to be able to share them with you guys anytime really soon, but they’re gonna be really awesome when they come out and I can’t wait for you to be able to play these games… Actually scratch that… I can’t wait for ME to be able to play these games! (I’ll let you guys play too…)

And one other project I’ve been working on is Project M. I don’t normally talk about my comedy-rap side projects on this site because, well, you know (haha), but Project M is gonna be a really fun, wild film about my group MC Randumb & Jewish Dave. I’ll also be scoring it like any other film, I just happen to also be writing, producing and starring in it. We’ll be filming it over the next few months and it will be pretty crazy. When it’s done I’ll finally be able to shave my beard, which will be really nice (Jewish Dave is a hairy dude…)

So that’s what I’m up to. I just posted “Waiting For Spring” on my music player, so be sure to check that out. I posted a few other tracks since the last blog update, so if you haven’t already, give them all a listen. I’ve been trying to post a wide variety of different stuff lately because I don’t want to post much more from my album until I’m ready to reveal the cover and title and track-list and videos… Did I say videos? Yep… music videos are coming soon too. Now THAT is gonna be cool…


– David Rosen

February 2013

David Losing His Mind

How is it already February 2013? Seems like it should be like… February 2012 or something, right?

If you’re not sure what I mean by that, don’t worry, neither do I. You see, this is what happens when I’ve got work to do but my head just isn’t in it. My brain goes all over the place. So I figured I might as well capture it in what is sure to be one of the odd-duck’s of my website’s blog posts.

Right now I’m working on music for 3 short films (and a few other projects but I’ll save mentioning them for later). One is a a cool little thriller/suspense film and I’m almost done with it. I’m going to be delivering my first complete draft of the music tonight/tomorrow morning. The director loved the first clip I sent him, so I’m sure that the finished thing is going to turn out great. It also plays right into my strengths so it’s coming along really easily and quickly. As soon as I finish writing this I’ll force myself to get back to that. If the creators of the short are OK with it I may also post a clip of the music on my site next week.

After that I’ve got to continue on the other 2 shorts, which are both animated. It’s really cool to finally get to work on not just one animated project (which is something I’ve always wanted to do), but two! One of them is a really cool, serious, dark western, the other is a funny space comedy. The western is almost done and coming along great. The other one I’ve only just started, but I have plenty of time to get finished. That will probably be my main focus next week, and I’ll try to finish the other 2 this week.

Aside from those, I’m also working on story ideas for Project M, which is a movie that focuses on one of my comedy-rap side projects. I don’t really mention that stuff too much on this site because I try to separate serious Dave from ridiculous Dave, but it is going to be a wild, fun project, with an original score by me, so you’ll definitely hear more about it gets closer to completion.

I also need to write a new blog post… WHICH I JUST DID… Is your mind as blown as mine is right now?

More news about my upcoming album soon. Well a little news right now: I think every song for it is at least started. Now I just need to reign it all in and start finishing it. The album will be around 15 tracks (from the 30 or so that I created for it). It’s more electronic than I ever imagined it being, but still mixes all of my influences from new-age to film score to industrial to alternative rock and hip-hop. But I think you’d find it in the electronic music bin at your local Tower Records… Those don’t exist anymore do they? Oh well. You’ll find it on my website, and that’s what counts.

Back to work.

– David Rosen

Blog Updates…

Alright so my girlfriend is trying to push me to start posting blogs on here. I told her that I know and I plan on starting to post blogs in the near future, but that I’m just too busy with various projects right now (including 2 animated shorts, 2 games, and my instrumental album, as well as a couple other things… but that’s another story for later). Well she’s still going on about it so you know what, here’s a damn blog post!

I’m going to be posting about all kinds of things on this blog. Not just news about my music and projects, but also about things that interest me. I’m planning on writing a series of tributes to classic albums that influenced my music tastes and styles, Top 10 lists of my favorite stuff, updates on what I’ve been watching/playing/listening to, stuff about my various non-music related adventures and various other topics too. Maybe even more posts about how my girlfriend won’t stop bothering me to update my blog…

You can see her website at http://www.ginamizzoni.com by the way. She’s my official photographer, and you’ll hear a piece of my music on her homepage. She does great photography work AND is a wonderful writer. She’s also a great girlfriend. I hope she likes this blog post.

On that note I think I’m gonna see Zero Dark Thirty today… Then back to work on these project I’m composing music for… Then probably a whole bunch of sleep. Yea… That sounds pretty awesome.

Oh one more thing… Go Puppy Bowl!!!

– David Rosen

Welcome to byDavidRosen.com!

Welcome to my new website. It’s been a long time coming and I put a lot of work into this site. Now that I’m set up through WordPress, it’s going to be a lot easier to keep updated. I’ll be adding samples of my music, news about projects I’m working on, and all kinds of other information about what I’m doing. I’ll also blog once in a while to let you know what I’m into and what I’ve been up to. First up? Finishing my album and my new 2013 Demo Reel. I’ll be unveiling the album tracklist and artwork within the next month and then I’m aiming to have the 2013 Demo Reel up by March. The album should follow towards the end of March if all goes well. I really can’t wait to share my first full length album of completely original instrumental music with you all.

In the meantime, look around the site, listen to the music, post a comment, and subscribe to the updates. There will be plenty more coming soon!

– David Rosen

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